Useful Information

Types of lugs, strap widths and thickness etc.

Cameras tend to come with either the round style of lug to take a split ring or the slot type where the strap passes through the slot and is fastened in some way. There are other types, but I only really cater for the round and slot type.

It seems that the round types are reasonably standard, I certainly haven’t had any issues with the sizes of the rings I use.

The slot type is not quite so standard. The universal style straps I list are 10mm x 2mm and these seem ok with most cameras. Canon for example seem to be ok with this size, but some other brands only seem to be able to use a 9mm wide strap. It is best to measure the slot carefully before ordering, if it’s a different size I can always make one to fit. The other way to attach a strap to the slot type is to use a loop type connector, such as the Peak Design anchor link system. This has the added advantage that the strap can be removed very easily when the camera is tripod mounted. I have two styles that use this system.

If you have any questions or are unsure about what’s the best for your camera, please email me.


Rings, rivets and other bits.

The split rings I use are either stainless steel or brass. These resist corrosion and have the necessary strength. Brass will wear more with age as it is softer than the camera lugs, but they are easily replaced. On the universal straps I use solid brass or nickel-plated brass Chicago screws. I have had one of these straps on a camera for over 12 months and the screws have remained tight, but I do advise that they are regularly checked for tightness. I use 1.0mm Tiger thread which is a multi-strand thread that is very strong and wear resistant.

I can offer solid copper or brass rivets or the more usual double cap rivets in either brass or nickel finishes. All the types of rivets give an extremely strong join that looks the part as well. Stitched straps are glued as well as stitched for added confidence.

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