I started making camera straps for my own use some time ago but was asked to produce more for friends and colleagues. I originally made simple designs from quality materials that worked well with older film cameras and the more compact retro style of digital cameras. I now make a range to suite most types of camera from the smaller CSC styles such as Olympus and Fuji to the larger DSLR types from Nikon and Canon. I seem to have developed a following with some of the Leica users as well who say they go really well with both the film and digital models.

I offer a range of traditional colours such as tan, chestnut and burgundy as well as black. All the leather I use is sourced in the UK and where possible all the bits and pieces are also locally sourced. I only use the more expensive vegetable tanned leather rather than the chemically chrome tanned. There is a separate page on the types of leather I use and why if you want more information.

Everything is completely handmade and made to order. It is possible therefore to have a strap made to a custom length or width. The type of rivets or colour of the thread can also be changed to provide a strap more to your liking.

Hopefully you will find my straps of interest. If you have any questions, please contact me on the email address listed on the contact page.

Many thanks.